Street Style with Sana Khan

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a style story but I’m feeling inspired to share again! I do get a bit visually burned out from “the scroll” and all of the social media exposure can make it challenging for me to discern authentic style from a well-imitated look. That’s not to say that all forms of imitation are disingenuous —I believe imitation can be a good starting point for discovering one’s personal style. However I do think that the point of all this sharing and receiving on social media is just that—to get inspired and make something one’s own — be it an outfit, an item, a recipe, an approach to wellness or to decorating a space. It may be odd for someone who makes a living from having a stylistic point-of-view to admit this, but from time to time I question whether I like something because it truly speaks to me or whether I like it because I know it is contemporary or novel or that dreaded word—“cool”. With so many style tribes and communities out there to identify with I think it’s an accomplishment to stay true to one’s own expressive instincts.

That’s why when I encounter someone who is part of a style community and yet still very in touch with her own personal sense of style, I take notice. I want to introduce you to Sana Khan, a California-born wardrobe stylist and content curator living in Chicago. Sana knows herself, knows what she likes and blogs about it. Her exploration of fashion, travel, culture and the arts is one that I find very refreshing and smart. I’ve already bookmarked a bunch of her recommendations to go back to and I think you will too. Sana’s style is thoughtful, sophisticated and contemporary while being highly individual so I wanted to talk to her about some of the things that are giving her an edge right now. As Sana insightfully commented on an Instagram post of mine a while back: “Your personal style should bring you ease and comfort as it connects you to your inner self.” I couldn’t agree more. Read on for a Q + A with Sana and her photo diary from a day trip to one of her favorite places in her second hometown—The Garfield Park Conservatory.

sana khan-01.png