Spring Forward

Meet the Luna Mule

It’s finally here: Meet the Luna mule. So named for its elegant half-moon shaped top line, this style features a modern square-toe and stacked leather oval heel in five dazzling materials to start off the spring with gusto. The clean lines of the Luna mule’s design fall very much into the ZX DNA : The shape of the pattern was inspired by the idea of softening the angles of brutalist architectural structures, which is a theme you’ll see explored again in upcoming releases.

I’m excited about this product release because it feels like a major spring forward for a couple of reasons. For one, introducing a new square-toe shape on a low-heeled last after many seasons of offering exclusively an almond toe gives a much-needed refresh to the collection. It seems to me that the mule isn’t going away any time soon but just like any classic silhouette, is evolving. Another reason the Luna mule feels like a new phase (I’m going to let that pun settle in for a second), is that I saw the need for a shape which allowed for color and texture to lead. I always imagined the original mule as a great canvas for neutral shades to create striking graphic appeal in contrast with the skin. I’ve shied away from using non-neutrals or non-earth tones on the original mule because I’ve never wanted it to be a style that shouts to get attention. With the one-piece upper of Luna mule, the spotlight is on the material which means we get to have a little more fun with feminine colors as you’ll see with the Azalea and Jacaranda variations. As for texture, the Luna mule in Yacare adds surface interest that can be worn with anything while the Luna mule in Ivy shearling adds tactile appeal for chic but relaxed statement dressing. Why shearling for spring, you might ask? Spring in the Northeastern U.S. is rarely warm enough for open toed shoes until early-to-mid May, but leading up to that we’re cautiously shedding layers and beginning to enjoy being outside again. Shearling mules offer a transitional alternative to all of the closed-up styles you’re sick of by now and can be pulled out again when it’s time to transition back into fall. It’s also a great choice for those chilly desert nights and bay breezes that you west coast ladies have. Also, since it's lined in lambskin, it's way more breathable than you would imagine--even on warmer days. For those of you with classic taste to the bone, the Luna mule is also available in soft black kidskin for a look that is crisp and immaculate.

I hope you’re as excited about the Luna mule as I am---I think it’s just what you need to refresh your spring wardrobe in the weeks and months ahead! 



P.S. Also a part of this March delivery is the classic mule you know & heart in yacare! 

P.P.S. I'm also loving the March campaign, which we shot with analog film! it was such a fun day of collaboration & spontaneity with some talented women! See the lookbook here