Emilie Anne Szabo is a Minneapolis-based photographer and stylist that captures all the feels with her soulful wedding and lifestyle images. Below, Emilie takes us along on her trip to the Amalfi Coast and France with her favorite ZOU XOU glove flats on foot, and camera in hand. Be warned: The images you are about to see are breathtaking and may induce a serious desire to get away.  

Where are you traveling to? What draws you to this place? What are your "must-sees"?

This trip we are traveling to Italy and France. I have been to both places before and I cannot get enough! Mainly, I cannot get enough of the slow lifestyle, the beautiful scenery, and the amazing food. When I travel, I am drawn to places that the locals love. I am not big on tourist attractions, rather you can find me at local flea and food markets, little loved cafes and wandering small side streets. 

Do you pack heavy or pack light? What are some essentials that you're packing for your trip? How do your zou xou gloves fit into the activities you have planned?

Being a photographer I naturally have more equipment that I am bringing with me when I travel. This forces me to pack light! Some of my essentials include linen pieces from not perfect linen that I wear a few times over, perfume to keep me smelling fresh from le labo fragrances, and comfortable shoes from zou xou that keep my feet happy!

a favorite room at D'une Ile Hotel in Le Perche, France

What do you prefer? Having things or having experiences?

This is a hard one. I would say having experiences because usually they involve people and/or relationships, which are usually so meaningful to me! Ideally, I would be experiencing something wonderful with people. On this trip we met up with friends all along the way, and it made the experiences sweeter because we were able to share it with someone else. We will always have those memories with the friends we shared them with. However, I won’t deny I do love shopping. And more than that, I love putting thought into the things that fill a space. I wouldn’t call myself an interior designer by any means, however I do love the process of collecting things and pulling them together to make a space or an outfit complete. 

Top: A scene from the Amalfi Coast. Bottom Left-Right: Eating lunch in Italy & a shot of hotel Le Sirenuse

Name the best things you a.) saw b.) experienced c.) tasted on this trip. 

Best thing I saw was the Amalfi Coast. The salty sea air, the pink cliffside houses covered in blooms, the street vendors selling linens and lemons, it was all so beautiful. Definitely hard to leave. 

Best thing I experienced was the amazing hospitality and overall stay at D'une Ile, where we hosted @lifestyleworkshops. D’une Ile is a little historic hotel in the French countryside hidden in fields of wildflowers and rolling meadows. We were served impeccable French food and wine, and slept in rooms that were beautifully and thoughtfully designed by the owners Michel and Sophie. 

Best thing I tasted, French food! In Paris a few restaurants that stand out are Ellsworth, Septime Wine Cave, Frenchies Wine Bar and Au Passage. I can’t even narrow it down, they were all so delicious. 

What is something you find inspiring, odd, or magical about your destination?

In Italy, we traveled with my 7 month old daughter Eloise. Something we learned right away is Italians love children. Like LOVE children. Everyone gawked and pinched and kissed and smiled, we skipped lines and were treated like royalty because we had a baby. It was so sweet, and such a beautiful part of their culture. In some cultures, kids are not valued as much and can be viewed more as a nuisance, to be honest I’ve even thought that at times. I thought it was quite inspiring to see the way they delighted in little people, valued them as humans with much worth.

I love the slowness of French culture, even in the big city of Paris. Slow-living is actually a thing, and it is so beautiful. People linger at meals, take time to pick out quality ingredients for their dinner each night, walk places. As I am home now that is what I long for and miss the most. There is a quality of life that we miss with our fast-paced society here. I’m trying to challenge myself to slow down value quality rather than quantity in different aspects of my life.

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Photos by Emilie Anne Szabo 


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