ZOU XOU GUIDE TO: The Private Online Sample Sale - New Year's Edition

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EVERYTHING you need to know. 

Hello! I am very psyched to announce that the Private Online Sample Sale - New Years Edition launches on January 1st, 2018 at 1 pm EST. Floor samples, photo samples, imperfect pairs and past season styles will all be included in the selection. Prices will be marked down 50% off or more! PLUS there will be perks to buying multiple pairs at once. Read on for some answers to questions you might have about how it works and what to expect.


What do you mean by a private sample sale? How do I gain access?

The sample sale is being hosted on a part of the website that you will need a password to gain access to. On the day of the sample sale, you’ll receive an email with the password. To receive the email, just sign up for our mailing list! When the page is live, all you have to do is enter the password to shop the selection of items until the sample sale ends on the 7th of January at 11:59 pm or whenever the shoes are sold out.

sign up for the mailing list here

Why is the sample sale private?

For a few reasons: For one, the photos of the shoes are really simple and unrefined--meant to show the details of the shoe--the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to make a clear distinction between samples and the shoes we normally sell to people newly acquainted with the brand. For another, it’s a way to reward women who follow/subscribe to ZOU XOU with first access to the best items!

Have the shoes in the sample sale been worn?

Yes, most of the shoes in the sample sale have either been tried on during trunk shows and pop-ups for fittings or worn in photo shoots. That’s why you’ll find photos of the soles in every product description. On average, each floor sample has been tried on 2-3 times. In the case of photo samples, each pair has been worn an average of one time for 30 minutes to an hour.  There are some unworn/untried pairs that came from the workshop with imperfections or from the past season archive. There are absolutely no shoes in the sample sale that have been worn by another customer and then returned.

Why are you selling shoes that have been tried on/worn or imperfect?

It’s a big challenge to deal with inventory that’s been used for photo shoots and events. It can get costly to produce floor samples and photo samples, but it’s absolutely necessary. The shoes are tools that sell and promote the brand. Once a shoe has been tried on it pretty much stops being brand new--but that doesn’t mean it stops being perfectly wearable! The same is true of the imperfect shoes---since the shoes are handmade, scuffs and smudges and scratches just happen sometimes. While not ideal, those things don’t necessarily ruin the shoes or make them unwearable! It’s almost like buying second-hand or designer resale, except that you are buying directly from the designer.

Sample sales are a win-win for me--someone gets to enjoy wearing a pair of shoes from zou xou at an accessible price AND it’s a chance to get back some of the money that was invested in producing the samples.

Do I get a discount if I purchase more than one pair in the sample sale?

Yes! I want to encourage you to buy multiple pairs if there’s more than one style in your size you’re loving! There will be automatic discounts taken based on the dollar amount you spend:

Spend $250 get $20 off
Spend $275 get $30 off
Spend $375 get $40 off
Spend $400 get $50 off
Spend $500 get $60 off

No code required- Discount is taken at checkout

What if the style I purchased doesn’t fit? Can I return or exchange it?

All sample sale purchases will be final---no exceptions! Please be sure to review the sizing recommendations in the product description notes--there’s no need to review the sizing table. Everything you need to know about the fit will be found right there. If your purchase doesn’t work out, you can always trade with a friend, gift it, or resell it!

Will this be your only sample sale of the year?

It’s too soon to say, but it seems like they are necessary every 6-8 months! 

When will they ship?

The shoes will ship the week of January 2nd.

Why can't I shop the normal page with made-to-order items? 

Our regular "shop" page is offline until the sample sale wraps on 1/7! You can still shop the instant ship page until then!

I hope I've covered it all! Have fun shopping the sale on Monday!