pronounced /'zu: 'zu:/

zou xou aims to create a shoe wardrobe of modern essentials that are well-made, unfussy, and minimal.

The collection is a narrative of elegant and simple designs made visible through refined contours, subtle detailing, and exceptional quality.

The shoes are handcrafted by Argentinian shoemakers using age old techniques and premium leathers. Produced in small quantities, the shoes are made to last and reduce waste and energy as part of responsible manufacturing practices in the slow fashion movement.

Imbued with style and versatility, the shoes exude effortless sophistication with understated confidence. From the moment a woman leaves her house to the moment she returns, the shoes
can be worn with ease.


Zou Xou was created and founded in New York City by Katherine Theobalds.

In fashion school, Katherine had plans of becoming a clothing designer, but she always had a knack for finding the most interesting shoes in unlikely places.

Her taste for shoes would evolve and bring her to work at several leading fashion footwear companies in the industry. During this time, love brought her to Buenos Aires and to her passion for footwear.

Inspired by the artistry of local Argentinian shoe design, Katherine cultivated her vision for fashion footwear and launched Zou Xou in 2015.  It is an extension of her unique and laid back style, redefined and elevated for the modern day woman.

Katherine spends her time traveling between Buenos Aires, and New York City designing and showcasing the collection. When she is not touring the globe, Katherine is giving her shoes a rest in the sculpture garden of the MoMA. 


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a glimpse behind-the-scenes

ZOU XOU Shoes is a woman-owned business run by Katherine Theobalds. Splitting her time between Buenos Aires and New York, Katherine designs handmade shoes that are as elegant as they are comfortable.